AIPMT Exam 2012 : CBSE dates announced

The Central Board of Secondary Education has announced the dates for the All Indian Pre-Medical/ Pre-Dental (AIPMT) entrance examinations. The preliminary exams will be conducted on April 1, 2012, while the final examination will be conducted on 13-May-2012.Both the exams … Continue reading

AIPMT Papers : Biology Syllabus for AIPMT EXAM

Unit 1  :  Diversity in Living World Biology – its meaning and relevance to mankind What is living; Taxonomic categories and aids (Botanical gardens, herbaria, museums, zoological parks); Systematics and Binomial system of nomenclature. Introductory classification of living organisms (Two-kingdom … Continue reading

AIPMT Papers : Chemistry Syllabus for AIPMT Exam

1.Some basic concepts in Chemistry Importance of Chemistry, physical quantities and their measurement in Chemistry, SI Units, uncertainty in measurements and use of significant figures, Unit and dimensional analysis, Matter and its nature, laws of chemical combinations, atomic, and  molecular, … Continue reading

CBSE Papers : Examination Pattern of CBSE PMT Exam

CBSE PMT entrance exam paper consists of two parts: preliminary examination and final examination. The preliminary examination question paper consists contains objective type questions. Those candidates who successfully qualify the preliminary examination only are eligible to appear in the final … Continue reading

CBSE Results : CBSE PMT / AIPMT results announced

CBSE declared the All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Examination 2009 on Friday. A total of 13,022 candidates had qualified for the final stage of this exam held on May 10 after clearing the preliminary exam. The results can be accessed on … Continue reading

AIPMT 2009 : Paper Pattern of AIPMT 2009 EXAM

There is no change in the pattern of AIPMT 2009 (Final) examination. Hence, the examination would be conducted in the following way :- 1. AIPMT (Preliminary) 2009 on 5th April, 2009 – OBJECTIVE TYPE 2. AIPMT (Final) 2009 on 10th … Continue reading