AIEEE Papers : Tips for AIEEE Exam

The average number of AIEEE applicants per test centre is likely to be more than that of the other big national level entrance examination IIT-JEE. Students should reach the test venue at least one hour before the scheduled start of … Continue reading

AIEEE Papers : Chemistry Syllabus for AIEEE 2010

SECTION-A PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY UNIT 1: Some Basic conceptS IN CHEMISTRY Matter and its nature, Dalton’s atomic theory; Concept of atom, molecule, element and compound; Physical quantities and their measurements in Chemistry, precision and accuracy, significant figures, S.I. Units, dimensional analysis; … Continue reading

AIEEE Papers : Application status of AIEEE 2010

The candidates can check the receipt of their Application Number on the AIEEE website now. To know the status of your receipt of Application visit the following link – Candidates whose particulars do not appear on the website may … Continue reading

AIEEE Papers : Grading of AIEEE Exams

AIEEE has negative marking policy. For each wrong question, ¼ marks is deducted. No marks are deducted for the questions that have not been attempted. If two options have been chosen in one question, then it is considered as incorrect … Continue reading

AIPMT Papers : Biology Syllabus for AIPMT EXAM

Unit 1  :  Diversity in Living World Biology – its meaning and relevance to mankind What is living; Taxonomic categories and aids (Botanical gardens, herbaria, museums, zoological parks); Systematics and Binomial system of nomenclature. Introductory classification of living organisms (Two-kingdom … Continue reading