Physics Syllabus for PRELIMINARY AND FINAL EXAMINATION OF All India PMT/PDT entrance exam

Unit : 1      Introduction and Measurement What is Physics? Scope and excitement; Physics in relation to science, society and technology;  Need for measurement of physical quantities, units for measurement, systems of units-SI : fundamental and derived units. Dimensions of physical … Continue reading

AIEEE Papers : Tips for AIEEE Exam

The average number of AIEEE applicants per test centre is likely to be more than that of the other big national level entrance examination IIT-JEE. Students should reach the test venue at least one hour before the scheduled start of … Continue reading

AIEEE Papers : Physics Syllabus for AIEEE 2010

PHYSICS The syllabus contains two Sections – A and B. Section – A pertains to the Theory Part having 80% weightage, while Section – B contains Practical Component (Experimental Skills) having 20% weightage. SECTION A UNIT 1: PHYSICS AND MEASUREMENT … Continue reading

AIEEE Papers : Application status of AIEEE 2010

The candidates can check the receipt of their Application Number on the AIEEE website now. To know the status of your receipt of Application visit the following link – Candidates whose particulars do not appear on the website may … Continue reading

AIEEE Papers : How to Prepare For AIEEE Exam 2010

Students should always be serious for their preparation for competitive exams. Once you start indulging yourself in studies, your senses get accustomed to work schedule to make it your daily routine. Be regular A student need not try to be … Continue reading